• This is an honest, no-holds-barred, taboo-less blog. After thinking long and hard about it, I realised if I’m going to be honest about everything, I should start with myself. Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m twenty, I’m a uni student from Cambridge, and I’m overweight. This is something I’m still trying to process in my head, having found out literally two days…

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    I’ve never been a particularly big fan of unbranded/little-known branded makeup. From my humble beginnings as a year-seven, packing on the rouge I got in a toy makeup set for Christmas, to a slightly older version of me buying £1.99 foundation and wondering why it wasn’t covering anything but my care-free attitude to being “pretty”. Twenty-year-old me now sees buying anything unbranded as a sort-of daring, spend-savvy, experimental process worthy of only the utmost praise.

    In short, I’m skint.

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    Having done most of my growing up on the outskirts of Cambridge, it’s safe to say I was exposed to classicism from a pretty early age. I went to an inherently elitist secondary school. The majority of my peers were from tiny, picturesque villages I wasn’t aware existed outside of Enid Blyton stories and general folklore. Townies like myself were…

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