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    From 12th June 2019, you’ll probably see this infographic at the end of every post:

    Aside from the fact that you’re probably thinking; who the hell do these people think they are? I’m not going to spend my hard-earned cash on a service I can consume for absolutely free! Also I hate Christmas and puppies and I pay the wages of celebrities!

    …just kidding.

    You probably have a few more questions than that, which we’ll aim to answer here as simply as we can! We sincerely love and value our readership to the utmost extent – and, naturally, wouldn’t ask for anything if it wasn’t needed.


    Will we be able to continually read JNSQ for free?

    Absolutely! We have zero intentions of becoming a subscription-only service. This would be unfair on the reader, and, frankly; diminish our right to call ourselves a space for women. JNSQ is subscription-free, and always will be.

    How much are you expecting us to donate?

    There’s no expectation in place. That’d be gross, let’s face it. Any donation – if you choose to do so – would be very highly appreciated. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to donate in order to help – likes, shares, retweets and shoutouts are equally as helpful!

    So… wait, why do you need donations?

    Basically, our roster of contributors is growing. Vastly. Every time we call for more, double the amount of potential creatives get in touch since the last call. Asking people to write weekly articles for absolutely free is uncomfortable at best. Particularly when the topics covered are so raw – and occasionally triggering. Creatives going unappreciated and unpaid is, unfortunately, a growing trend. We want to lead by example as a smaller publication; and pay our writers.

    Do I have to make a donation in order to keep enjoying JNSQ? Will the debt collectors come to my door if I read an article without paying?

    Okay, so that’s not as frequently asked as you might think! But, the point still stands. As I said before, there is no expectation for any of our readers to donate. There never will be.

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