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    Hello! If you’re reading this; I assume you’d like to learn a little more about myself (Hannah Van-de-Peer) or this website! Either that, or you’ve read my work, thought hm, well that’s pretty shit and ventured off onto this page in order to find my social media accounts. In order to troll me. By calling me a clueless lesbian feminist.

    (I’m one out of the three, by the way. Guess which one!)

    If it’s the former, then hi again! My name is Hannah Van-de-Peer, I’m 20, originally from Cambridge and I’m studying for a BA in English. Apparently also auditioning for University Challenge.

    Aside from Hugh Grant, my first loves include writing, beauty, talking outwardly about sex and; perhaps most importantly, feminism. You’ll probably see me lurking the streets of Cambridge IRL, making a beeline for the John Lewis beauty counter.

    That’s how JNSQ was born, by the way. When a mummy (me) meets a daddy (my love for said things), they conceive a sarcastic, quite odd-looking child. Sort-of one of those babies you have to say is adorable, despite the fact that they look like a shrivelled-up alien prune (JNSQ).

    We don’t shy away from things here on this little corner of the internet. Pssst, that’s code for vaginas are regularly talked about. Here at JNSQ, we’re in the business of breaking-down barriers, smashing taboos and… well… talking a lot about fannies and foundation. Because we want to, basically.

    Critically-acclaimed and enjoyed by people in their thousands, JNSQ has only been up-and-running for nine months (humble-brag time!) and has already generated a family.

    As for me, I’ve written for actual magazines before. You can read my portfolio in the Featured In section!

    Working with Me:

    If you’d like to book Hannah Van-de-Peer for guest-speaking opportunities, writing opportunities or interview enquiries; please contact us using the form below.


    Alternatively, if you’re a brand looking to collaborate with JNSQ, please contact Hannah personally on hannahvandepeer3@gmail.com.

    We’re on Instagram! Follow us here at @jnsqmagazine




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