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    Hi there! If you couldn’t already tell by the massive logo at the top of this page; I’m Hannah. I’m a critically-acclaimed blogger, budding writer, Vaginismus campaigner, avid watcher of The Simpsons, lover; not a fighter, tinker, tailor, soldier and spy all wrapped up into a five-foot-four package!

    I started blogging in the hazy summer of 2018 (if you can cast your minds back that far!) armed only with my dad’s old laptop, a WordPress Free account, and the type of chutzpah only struggling writers with infinity-and-one rejected pitches will be able to relate to!

    I’m a hardcore feminist (much to the disappointment of my parents) and I love nothing more than to sit on my sofa with a peppermint tea, pen and paper; and rant about societal inequalities – why is the influencer industry so lacking on diversity? Why is Vaginismus such a taboo subject? Who hijacked the Body Positivity movement, and why? 

    But, it’s not all doom and gloom. I’m a Jill of all trades, master of… well, that’s up to you! I also like to play with makeup, talk about my favourite fashionistas, even do a little haul from time-to-time!

    Now… it’s humble bragging time. Apologies in advance!

    Since January 2019, my blog has been seen by over 5,000 people! I’ve flexed my journalistic muscles for publications such as Huffington Post, Affinity and The Only Space – you might’ve even seen me on BBC News recently! Despite starting out in the writing industry at the age of 19, my portfolio has already amassed some incredibly impressive credentials – and it’s getting thicker every month.

    If you’d like to see a full list of articles I’ve written, feel free to check out my Press page! For contact details (including commission and other business enquiries), please check out my Contact page.


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