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  • Are We Feeling Positive, Yet? What Went Wrong With The ‘In The Style’ Campaign?

    Whichever side of the fence you’re on; it’s inherently clear that The Body Positive movement is a touchy, divisive topic.

    While some may argue (*cough* Teen Voguethat ‘Body Positive’ is essentially an umbrella term for all bodies; even the conventionally attractive ones, there’s no escaping the fact that the Body Positive movement was founded by fat women of colour for the sole purpose of boosting bodies traditionally shunned by society. Disabled people, plus-size people, trans and non-binary folk, people of colour, people with acne… the list goes on.

    Thus, when companies attempt to capitalise raise awareness of the movement through photoshoots, clothing lines and influencer events; they need to handle it with the utmost sensitivity – ensuring as much body diversity as possible.

    Unfortunately, it seems In The Style didn’t get the memo.

    Yes, it’s the campaign dwelling on everyone’s lips over the past twenty-four hours; it’s time to break down what exactly went wrong with In The Style’s body positivity campaign

    The Photoshoot

    Speaking professionally… at least they tried?

    Speaking personally; I’m not sure whether the PR personnel behind the scenes of this atrocious ad suffer from terminal stupidity or blatant bigotry. I’ll happily take my chances on both. 

    Absolutely propelling tokenism to the next level, it’s apparent that ITS decided to hire size-twelve sextuplets for their so-called body positivity campaign.

    Gorgeous? Absolutely.

    Diverse? Boundary-breaking? Revolutionary? F*ck no.

    Out of eight models featuring in the campaign; two were women of colour, and only one appeared to be over a size sixteen.

    Are we feeling positive, yet?

    Campaigns like this successfully attempting to hijack what was once a safe space for marginalised beauty to blossom project an incredibly bleak future into our midst. Conventionally attractive people utilising Body Positivity as a means of cultivating a following on social media was, shockingly, not the basis of the original movement. Body Positivity is not just a hashtag. It was a long-needed soapbox standing in the pathway of alienated individuals to have their moment, along with the rest of society.

    If accepted bodies need the movement so desperately; what hope do we have for genuinely isolated people?

    Stealing Ideas From Plus-Size Influencers

    Conventionally beautiful model wearing a rip-off version of All Body's 'MORE SELF LOVE' sweater (shown in next photo).

    In The Style’s version of All Body’s ‘More Self Love’ sloganwear. Because apparently; white, slim, blonde poster girls need that extra confidence boost.

    Black sweater with MORE SELF LOVE slogan printed across the centre. All Body sticker is plainly seen on the front of the packaging.

    A ‘More Self Love’ sweater from Emma Hill’s brand All Body. Credit to @emmatamsinhill


    Tut, tut, In The Style. Having the audacity to borrow a design from a plus-sized business owner without including more than one plus-sized model in your campaign is absolute hypocrisy at its finest. Emma Hill’s brand All Body is a prime example of how a body positivity campaign should be conducted; plus-sized women, women of colour and women with disfigurements stand beautifully in their More Self Love sweatshirts as figures of empowerment.

    Big brands stealing from small voices happen all the time; we saw it with Huda vs. Beauty Bakerie, with BBC Sport vs. Yomi Adegoke and we’re seeing the same situation unfold in front of our very eyes.

    More updates to come.



    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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    1. July 18, 2019 / 6:04 pm

      Love this! I’ve seen so many take advantage of this movement to keep perpetuating “ideal” beauty. I’m a plus size and blind blogger that does a lot of body positive things, and I’ve been noticing a lot of similar happenings. Great post!

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