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  • 4 Black-Owned Beauty Brands *Better* Than Fenty…

    The beauty world is becoming more and more diverse, yet it is still so hard for people of colour to find representation. Big brands are still being criticised for their shade ranges, however since the launch of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna (who basically started a beauty revolution), there have been improvements.

    Brands that only have one deep foundation shade and thinking that is enough, need to realise it is time to step up.

    Here are the best black-owned beauty brands paving their own way in the beauty industry.

    The Lip Bar

    Different shades of a matte, dark lip; ranging from deep red to purple.

    Credit: Instagram @thelipbar

    Seven years ago, The Lip Bar was launched before cruelty free and vegan cosmetics were a priority to the masses. Upon leaving Wall Street, founder Melissa Butler began creating clean beauty formulas free of chemicals in her home. Melissa started her brand to combat the linear depiction of traditional beauty seen in society as well as the unnatural and unnecessary chemicals found in cosmetics.

    Available for UK shipping at The Lip Bar.

    Juvia’s Place

    A hugely diverse range of foundation shades, compared against a variety of skin tones.

    Credit: Instagram @juviasplace

    Juvia’s Place is inspired by the vibrancy of Africa – the brand was created to celebrate rebels, rulers and queens of African kingdoms. Juvia’s Place offers the most vibrantly pigmented make up for the eyes, face and lips. Juvia’s Place cosmetics takes customers from their home to some exotic destination. This brand believes in diversity aiming to cater for the fairest and the deepest of complexions.

    Available to buy at Beauty Bay.

    Beauty Bakerie

    A vibrantly made-up face boasting a range of pigmented products; poppin’ gold highlight, rich, royal blue shadow, and purple lips.

    Credit: Instagram @beautybakeriemakeup

    After a near death experience battle with breast cancer, Cashmere Nicole; CEO and founder of Beauty Bakerie created the brand after developing her love of arts into a love of make up artistry. Beauty Bakerie’s motto, ‘Be Better, not Bitter’ speaks volumes about the values of this brand. With an extensive shade range, and other high-quality pigmented products this is not a brand to be missed.

    Available to buy at Beauty Bay.

    Coloured Raine

    A somewhat more toned-down look from the Beauty Bakerie model. Keeping in touch with the royal blue pigment on the eyes; while opting for a more subtle, glossy nude lip.

    Credit: Instagram @colouredraine

    Loraine R. Dowdy founded Coloured Raine in 2013 after abandoning her job in the finance industry to pursue this business. The meaning behind the name is stemmed from ‘Coloured‘ as in all aspects of colour, and Raine stemming from her name. Coloured Raine believes that everyone should have the access to express themselves through make up. The brand is also cruelty free certified by PETA, with the majority of products being vegan too.

    Available to buy at Beauty Bay.

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