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    Periods. It’s not a dirty word. Period.

    Girls, we all get it in our lifetime. As I’m writing this I’m currently on my period, lying on the couch and watching Golden Girls. It affects everyone differently. For some of us it hits us hard, others you see act like it’s not even happening (I’ve seen some people who don’t look heavily affected and I’m like… SUPERWOMAN!).

    Periods don’t establish us as women. Not having periods doesn’t make us any less of a woman, having a period shouldn’t make us more womanly. Periods just occur naturally through our biology but despite this understanding we still hold shame because of it.

    Recently on Netflix I watched Amy Schumer’s Growing. In her stand-up she did a segment where she covered periods. She was saying how we should be embracing them and talking about them more openly instead of whispers to each other in hopes nobody would over hear (even girls, crazy right?). I feel like it’s something we don’t even realise we do. Whilst she was explaining this I was just thinking ‘I’ve done that’. I agree it’s not like I’m the only one with the period, everyday there’s a girl out there currently on their monthly. It’s universal. So, I thought I’d share with you guys my story with periods.

    For me it’s always a struggle. At the beginning it was because of my low iron levels, found out I was low on iron when I fainted at school in the middle of class, FUN huh? But then it did get me out of maths. All in all, it knocked me down hard. I was in bed for multiple days, physically sick and just so uncomfortable for days straight. This was a few years ago, since then I’ve been on tablets to help ease blood flow which would help my iron levels as well as taking iron tablets. Today, my iron levels are more average, but each month is still up in the air. I’m either up in a day and march through it or stuck in bed for nearly a week.

    It ends up with my planning things around my monthly as it makes me feel so down. I always plan to have a low-key week. I notice that I become more sensitive and stuff affects me more deeply. To keep me feeling relaxed I watch Rom Coms or YouTube, nothing too full on, just whatever gives me comfort. Relaxation is key for me. I’ve become interested in essential oils and chamomile tea which aids in relaxing my body. For somebody who also has anxiety it’s helped my frame of mind as well.

    One time I was feeling poorly as I was currently on my monthly and one of my friends asked me ‘are you okay?’, and I can’t remember completely how I replied but I pretty much told her ‘it’s my time of the month’. I recall her looking surprised and a bit shocked that I admitted that and straight away I thought ‘was I supposed to not say that?’. In the moment I was like she can understand, she’s a girl, but then afterwards I wanted to take back my words. I just thought as my mum and grandma are all open to talk about periods that other women were.

    Us women need to support one another up in all factors and areas. Yes, periods may be messy things, but we shouldn’t be ashamed of them. Because of periods we can give life, in a way it should be celebrated. The female body is pretty freaking impressive! You’re welcome. It’s always good to talk about it as you may be able to help someone out and vice versa.


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    1. April 10, 2019 / 8:25 pm

      Amazing and interesting post, well done xx

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