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  • Feminism: What does it Mean to You?

    Feminism is a word you hear a lot about lately. The rise of women empowerment is better than ever but there is still a lot that needs to be done. For International Women’s Day it seemed appropriate for my first ever post on Feminism. A day to celebrate all women. Something we need to do every day! Who run the world, GIRLS!

    This is going to be a more low-key article. Feminism and feminist is a term I’ve been hearing more about, especially since I ventured into the blogging world. I have always been one for gender equality, without a doubt, and will always be for it. It’s only this year where I started to get a new, deeper understanding. I started by reading Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies) by Scarlett Curtis. It’s an amazing read, all the stories are fascinating. A book I recommend.

    Everybody has their own interpretation and understanding on the topic. I was curious and asked a couple of people for their opinion.

    “Feminism means that it’s not fair to be discriminated because of my gender, because I’m a female.

    I agree in gender equality. Not just for females but males as well. We should appreciate each other, treat each other fairly. If we use feminism to constantly belittle and insult men, downgrading them then we are no better than how they treated us. Use our voices for good and to bring awareness, not to bring others down.”

    – Isabella, 19

    “Feminism to me means I shouldn’t have to feel like I am more disposable of a person because who I am…

    …I shouldn’t get payed less just because I am a woman, even if I am a better worker. I shouldn’t haven’t to feel more threatened walking around the streets on my own than any man might. But it also means equality for all genders. This means just as women shouldn’t be discriminated against for having short hair opposed to long, a male shouldn’t be discriminated for having long hair. It means to me, a world where people don’t make excuses for you based on your gender. Girls aren’t a bad driver just because they’re female. Females aren’t in a bad mood only because they have a period, as if nothing else could affect it. ‘All females love shopping and makeup’. Nothing should define a gender except for how a person identifies themselves.”

    – Alicia, 19

    “Feminism has come a long way over the years, but it still has a long way to go.”

    – Angela, 70

    “Feminism to me is not only being equal but also the freedom to express yourself…

    …and be proud of being a female without judgement or fear. I think it is also about understanding that men and women are different with different strengths and weaknesses.”

    – Katherine, 32

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