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  • The Kids are All-White: Diversity Among Influencers

    So, I’m a white woman. A white woman who writes. I guess you could probably call me a write woman

    (Too much?)

    I feel like I’ve had a fairly good run with blogging, though. Okay, so I’m no Zoella. I’m not being paid thousands upon thousands of pounds just for showing my face at a L’Oreal, Sleek or The Body Shop event. I’m on the PR list for my local Lush store, mind you… not that the cheeky little sneaks ever have events for me to get invited to (joke. I still love you, Lush. Pls don’t remove me from the PR list!).

    My point is, brands have given me free sh*t. I’ve been invited to events. I’ve gained thousands of views so far this year, even though we’re only in March. Humble-bragging aside; I feel incredibly lucky, and while I do work my fat ass off to consistently grow, I still find the whole thing incredibly humbling. With that being said, one must stop and question; would I be rewarded the same advantages if I were a blogger of colour? 

    Let’s not skirt around the facts, people; the blogging (beauty & lifestyle in particular) community has a serious diversity problem. This isn’t to say that certain white influencers, YouTubers and bloggers aren’t creative, talented and hardworking within their niche; but looking at the ones who do gain traction, who do become big-brand affiliates, who do win those coveted Claire’s PR trips to Disneyland… they rarely subvert the mold of white-blonde-blue-eyed-rich-child-friendly-influencer-and-slash-or-blogger.

    Looking at photos from blogger events is effectively the same as going to Homebase and figuring out which shade of Dulux magnolia to use on your living room walls. It’s boring, it’s cliche, and it’s so ‘seventies I might as well crawl up into a foetal position and wait another twenty years to be reborn.

    Once again, this isn’t an attack on white bloggers; as a white blogger myself, I can assure you we do have some cracking ideas. But, NEWS FLASH BEAUTY BRANDS: POC being POC does not automatically exclude them from having brilliant ideas as well. We, as a community of writers, need to stand up to brands and not let this lie anymore. How can the blogging community be so warm and friendly; while also being this ignorant to inclusivity? Support your local POCs, help them achieve an increase of growth; read, like and share their blogs.

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    Hannah Van-de-Peer
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    1. March 25, 2019 / 7:31 pm

      Wow I can’t believe I’m just seeing this. Thanks so much for the mention Hannah!

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