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  • Self Love; No Regrets.

    Everyone has their down days, there is no shame in that. Sometimes you get stuck in a routine and next thing you know, you have no idea what day it is or that pile of stuff in your mind just continues to grow.

    It’s important to break through that routine. Do something relaxing for yourself, something that will make you smile. One smile and a deep breath can make such a difference, it’s quite astounding really. Everyone has their own personal preferences of unwinding and giving themselves that boost of energy they need to conquer their day.


    When I find that I’ve been having a few blue days or have been feeling unwell, my go to is always a pamper session. It’s all about taking care of yourselves and refreshing your body to wake it up. To break the cycle from staying in my bed all day, what I do is:

    Shower/Bath Routine

    • Hair masque (usually before shower)
    • Putting on a podcast or music
    • Bath bubbles
    • Bath bomb
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Exfoliate/body wash
    • Shave

    Out of the Shower

    • Facial cleanser
    • Face Scrub
    • Moisturise

    It might seem strange to put this in but doing this leaves me feeling so refreshed and less yuck. I allocate at least one day a week to do a full pamper session to rejuvenate me throughout the week.

    Other factors you can include in your pamper session is: face mask, doing your nails, watching a light-hearted movie that always brings out your smile (my comfort movies are always anything with Melissa McCarthy in it).

    It’s all about doing something for yourself. Accomplishing something you’ve been meaning to do. It’s a great time to start that book you’ve been meaning to begin or a hobby that you’ve wanted to start. All in all, what I’m saying is remember to do things for yourself (<3).


    Stress cleaning is so real. If I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed, having a messy room just makes me feel ten times worse. Every morning I woke up thinking ‘okay I’ll clean that later than next minute I go to bed, to be faced with a pile of clothes’ and it’s the same routine over and over again. It’s that nagging thought at your mind that won’t disappear. It’s hard to start but once you put on a playlist with your tunes, get stuck in, you end up cleaning everything and anything. I end up taking everything off my shelves, wiping down anything that looks dirty, sorting it out and then organising them back on the shelves. This might sound odd but it’s like organising the thoughts on your mind. It’s an effective way to distract yourself.


    You don’t know what other people are feeling and somebody you know may be having a down day too.

    It’s always a nice idea to talk to somebody whether it’s face to face, through a call or message. I found that if I’m not really in the mood to do anything major, but a friend wants to catch up a coffee/tea date is a nice option. It’s laidback, more chill, I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself but still making an effort to socialise. Even if I comment on someone’s Instagram photo saying how much I love their outfit and I get a reply saying ‘Thank you’ it does put a smile on my face. Even if you’re having a bad day it doesn’t hurt to send out positive vibes, you might receive some back.


    On Pinterest I saw a quote saying; ‘sometimes all we really need is a break, in a beautiful place, to figure everything out’. A change of scenery does wonders. You need to find that perfect place where you feel at peace. On a beautiful day instead of reading indoors bring a chair outside and set up a reading corner another option is to have a walk and soak in the environment. Breathe in the air, take a deep breath…you can do this.

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    Isabella Cowper-Rivera
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