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  • Maintaining a Good Skincare Routine for Winter

    Sadly, it’s that time of year where we are once again at the mercy of the weather in all its forces. The most apparent and unfortunate signs can be our lips starting to chap and even crack, our hands start to feel rough and flaky and our skin starts to lack that radiance and lustre it once had, leaving it looking dry and unloved.

    Scientists believe that this is what happens when our body tries to maintain heat, something to do with the narrowing of the blood vessels.

    Here are some of my tips and tricks on what I do to keep my skin looking like… well, skin;


    Now I know what you’re thinking. No, I know it’s not sunny and we’re not currently having a heat wave right now. But just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean it’s not there or that your skin can’t feel it. So, it has ALWAYS been essential to use a good sun protection factor for your skin in order to combat the sun’s harsh conditions. As I’m quite the pale one I like to opt for a higher factor of around 50. I find that protects my skin perfectly and keeps it looking happy.


    Any excuse to have an early night, right? Not that we need one now the harsh nights are drawing in and every part of our existence just screams ‘Keep me warm’. With this step it’s perfect, while you’re lying in your cosy and warm bath just peel back a moisturising face mask and apply it. Whilst the steam is tending to your pores, the skin mask will be repairing everything else! This allows rejuvenating ingredients in the sheet mask to soak into the skin effortlessly. Perfect combo, right?


    It should come as no surprise to anyone that when the temperature/humidity drops, our skin demands those extra layers of moisture. If you were already regularly applying a good moisturiser in the morning, it wouldn’t harm your skin to also do so in the evening.

    You can even find moisturisers which are perfect for sleeping in! So just before you jump inside that cosy sanctuary and hibernate for the night, just think of the good you will be doing for your skin by just adding that extra step.


    Remember what I said about those chapped/cracks lips? Yep, they’re unsightly right? It’s a well-known fact that this is what happens during winter months, but by regularly applying layers of a hydrating balm, they can work mini-miracles by helping you and your lips stay one step ahead of the dryness.

    It can also be noted that anything that you wear which naturally dries out the lips is not recommended (i.e. Matte Lipsticks, long-lasting lipsticks), as it tends to aggravate the lips and can leave them looking patchy and sore.


    These are just my tips and tricks to help you and your skin survive the weather’s conditions, and winter’s wrath!

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