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  • Galentines: A Definitive Guide to Spending Couples’ Day Alone

    Ladies, its that time again.

    Dreaded by singletons everywhere; Valentine’s Day is coming up tomorrow. Not gonna lie, this is actually my second V-Day spent in a relationship. But, long distance is far too real, and I must confess that I’ll be spending the night having some quality time with Levey & Harris (any linguistics undergrads in the house?!) in preparation for my 9AM lecture come Friday morning.

    Having spent the first nineteen V-Days flying solo, however, I know enough about spending this cynical marketing gimmick of a holiday alone to create a lil’ something special for all my single ladies out there. Whether you’re spending it out-out or in-in, with good friends or with your little friend (more on that later!), this starter kit is a Galentine’s gift you’re going to need! Enjoy!


    What better way to spend Galentine’s day than to eat your weight in food, followed by getting wine-drunk to the sweet sounds of Celine Dion?

    Oh wait… that was the opening scene to Bridget Jones’ Diary.

    My point is, solo dates are the confident woman’s dream (or the wanna-be confident woman’s life aspiration). Cut some coupons, download some vouchers, get all dressed up and eat your heart out. Alternatively, get some friends together and have a takeaway night! With these links, you can get:

    A Two-Course Meal for £17 P/P at Prezzo

    A Two-Course Meal for £14 P/P at Frankie & Benny’s

    25% off Yo! Sushi Dishes for Students

    10-30% off Selected Takeaways on JustEat


    See what I did there? It was intentional!

    This one’s for my gals flying one-hundred-per-cent solo this year. You deserve as much love as any of your wifed-up gal pals! So, why not start with yourself? As my feminist hero Diane Nguyen would say;

    ‘Uhm, sex…? For one…?’

    Whether you’re a vibe vixen or a rampant rabbit, why not spend a little extra on yourself this February? Invest in some massage oils and make a night of it! Getting to know your own body makes everything a lot easier when you finally do meet the one.

    Plus… ‘treat yoself’. It’s infallible logic.


    My ‘treat yoself’ mantra is totally foolproof here, as well. For my ladies going ahht-ahht this Feb 14th, make yourselves feel like the boss bitches you are by purchasing an outfit you feel good in. In all it’s low-cut, high-waisted, turtle-necked, sequined, flared glory. Because you deserve it. Running low on money? Boohoo’s ‘going out’ range is now on sale from £3.80! Go! Go! Go!

    How will you be spending Valentine’s Day this year?


    Let me know on Twitter and Instagram!


    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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    1. February 14, 2019 / 10:02 pm

      “Ahht-ahht” you kill me lol. Omg I wish I could do all of these things and just turn this into a week of self love cause I DESERVE IT. I spent my vDay working, but I wore nice lipstick, ate some chocolate, and felt like a boss ass bitch woohoo x

      • Hannah Van-de-Peer
        February 14, 2019 / 10:04 pm

        It’s because you ARE a boss ass bitch Lav x

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