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    Late last week I was kindly gifted a bunch of tea samples from Edinburgh-based brand Shibui Tea. I don’t drink anything containing caffeine usually, on account of my GAD. But, the samples (some of which were actually caffeine free!) were definitely a blessing in disguise!

    So, how exactly did I approach this? Unorthodoxically, obviously. In the same manner as I approach anything on Je Ne Sais Quoi! I gathered each parent, along with a kettle, some mugs and my many, many tea samples;

    ‘It’s teatime, b*tches’, I exclaimed.

    (I didn’t really.)

    Incidentally, everyone on Twitter seems to adore my parents…

    So, why not get them to review a PR package with me? They may even become a regular feature, who knows? Let me know what you think in the comments!

    Before we get into this, let me explain to you exactly how I did it:


    This was a ‘blind’ review. I.e. I went off into the kitchen to prepare a sample of tea for my parents to try, without them knowing the specific flavour of each one. They then had to review each sample, basing their view on taste, smell and appearance. I managed to get a taste of each one too (I’ll let you know my thoughts at the end)!

    Got it…? Good. Let’s get into it!

    ‘It’s cinnamon.’

    ‘It’s not guess the flavour, Dad.’


    Dad: It smells like cinnamon, actually. It’s got a slight hint of aniseed in it –

    Mum: No, not aniseed. What is it?

    Dad: Well it’s got a strong aroma, anyway.

    Mum: It’s a bit like mulled wine – doesn’t really taste like it but you can definitely smell it!


    Dad: Looks like Lemsip. Is it Lemsip, perhaps?

    Mum: Stop joking around! Ooooeeerrrrghh. I’m not sure about this one.

    Dad: It’s got a funny smell!

    Mum: It smells very… natural. Earthy.

    Dad: Eau de football field!

    Mum: I used to henna my hair, y’know? It’s a bit like if I made myself a cup of steaming henna and drank it.

    (Mixed reviews, then.)


    Dad: It’s a shame we’re not vegans.

    Mum: How come?

    Dad: Well they love all this herbal tea stuff don’t they, the vegans!

    Mum: I’m not sure that’s quite how it works… I’m getting whiffs of chocolate on this one.

    Dad: Nah… I’m getting ginger. Chocolate and ginger? Gingerbread?

    Mum: I’m getting definite aftertastes of chocolate…


    Mum: Ooh, now that smells lovely.

    Dad: Yeah… is it peach?

    Mum: That’s got to be peach. Is it peach?

    Dad: That’s peach. That’s definitely peach.

    Both: Peach.

    Mum: Doesn’t really taste like peach. It’s quite… bitter?

    (Why not say peach again hun x)


    Mum: Oh, I like the smell of this! I dunno what it is though, I dunno what I’m getting- this is fruity as well! I’m getting fruit again on this one. 

    Dad: Mm, yeah. It’s like cherry. I think. Like red berries?

    Mum: Yeah… that’s not too bad. It’s quite sweet. No, that’s definitely my favourite so far…


    Mum: Ah, the last one! Now, again – I like the smell of this. Yeah, that’s gingerbread.

    Dad: No, that’s not ginger! I can’t place it… it’s not gingerbread, though. Perhaps…

    Mum: You need to taste it.

    Dad: It’s another spicy one… tastes like aniseed again. 

    Mum: Well it’s like the mulled spice one, isn’t it?

    Dad: Yeah, I think I’m getting that again. It’s like that stuff you could get at the Body Shop to numb your gums –

    Mum: Bonjela? 

    Dad: NO, the one you could get in the Body Shop! The one that numbs your gums! 

    Mum: Yeah, Bonjela.

    Dad: No, the aniseedy one! Sort of like… Bonjela.

    Mum: … it’s definitely ginger. 


    (If reviews are your thing, you can read Monday’s review of Mask Time HERE)

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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    1. bingingonabudget
      January 18, 2019 / 9:01 pm

      Thanks for sharing, which tea sample has been your favorite?

      • Hannah Van-de-Peer
        January 21, 2019 / 8:40 pm

        Our fave was definitely the Rooibos and Orange flavour! It was so fruity!

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