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    NOTE: since writing this blog post, all MASK TIME boxes have gone on sale for 30% off. The Glow Starter box is currently on sale for £6.97. The Glow Setter box is currently on sale for £17.49! Enjoy!

    If you can, try and cast your mind back to the practically prehistoric era of the 29th December. ‘Twas a perma-bloated, cheese board-heavy, turkey-hazed corker of a morning. I was feeling the post-holiday blues big time. I was low, I was tired, I was all family’d out…

    Suddenly, an unexpected parcel arrived!

    My lovely friends at Mask Time had gifted me their monthly subscription box! The Glow Setter box, to be exact. ‘What’s the difference?!’ I hear you cry in abhorrent anticipation. Well, calm down, and I’ll tell you!

    When signing up for a Mask Time monthly subscription box, you’re greeted with two choices; the Glow Starter box (£9.99), and the Glow Setter box (£24.99). With the Starter box, the lucky individual is treated to four different Korean sheet masks every month. The masks themselves focus on ‘essential skin issues’; acne, fine lines and wrinkles, for instance. Each mask has a moisturising effect to give your skin that lovely, dewy glow.

    The Glow Setter box is for all you skincare fanatics out there! If, like myself, you believe variety is the spice of life, this box is probably the one for you. Believe me, some of the masks in the Setter box get complex AF. Some come in two parts, some come in three parts. Some come with eye creams, and some come with exfoliators. Listen, we know you secretly want those ten sheet masks under your belt. We know you want to pretend to be a beauty guru and flex all your intricate sheet masks on the ‘gram. So do I. That’s why the Setter box is so perfect.

    So with the admin out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Did I like what I was gifted? Is it worth the twenty-four quid? Will I keep you in suspense for much longer?

    Let’s get into it.

    So, the obvious question is; is it really worth £24.99?

    I’ll be completely transparent with you; I don’t know if I would personally pay that amount for a subscription box. That has nothing to do with the product quality, I’m just cheap! But you can’t say you don’t get what you pay for – and then some! My box contained ten sheet masks plus a bonus exfoliator, combining each product’s RP got me a total of £40.50. So, is it a good deal? Absolutely. You get what you pay for. Could the price point be slightly more accessible? I feel like I’m going to have to say yes. I’m too much of a bargain-hunter (call me Tim Wonnacott x).

    Price-point aside, how were the products? Quality-wise, skincare-wise, reaction-wise, how did it go? Here are some of my key points:


    They certainly did! That! In terms of the moisturising factor.

    I think there’s a fine line between creating a beautiful tacky, dewy finish and a sticky finish. For the former, I’d recommend the About Me: Green Tea Essential Mask, the Mediheal Miclan Honey mask and the Into Skin Mud Mask. Each of these masks left my skin feeling nourished, refreshed and smooth. I either applied my mask before bed, or before my makeup routine; as dry skin is a detrimental problem for me in winter. These masks did the job, and my skin thanks them profusely for keeping her hydrated!


    This factor definitely varies from mask to mask. The Setter box includes sheet masks for all different purposes. I only had high expectations for the masks which explicitly stated they were anti-acne. Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of my skin and the formula of one mask in particular; the Merbliss Aloe Clear Seal Mask, it had the opposite effect – I broke out. This mask had to be my least favourite of the lot; solely because it did the exact opposite of what it claimed to do! This isn’t, of course, Mask Time’s fault, but it hit rather a bum note with me here.


    So, here’s where the masks did perform well – and no, I’m not faking it! I was totally turned on to collagen-enriched masks after using a few of these; the Royal Skin Anti-Wrinkle Mask and the TonyMoly Hydro Gel Mask to be exact. The use of collagen in the former and – well, snail slime in the latter was included specifically to soften the skin. Waking up became a treat after using these masks, my skin didn’t feel like my own at that point! It felt like millions of those foot-nibbling fish had been let loose all over my face. Simply put; I loved them.


    I can say, with absolute certainty that these masks were a pleasure to use. Each mask came with clear instructions to avoid confusion, and each one fit like a glove. I thought the inclusion of a two-part sheet mask and eye cream was a gorgeous touch, and what a treat! It felt like Mask Time had gone above and beyond to make sure every single Glow Setter out there feel like they were getting their money’s worth.


    To a great degree, my experience with Mask Time has been a positive one! My critiques are small and somewhat nit-picky, but I’m a reviewer. It’s what I do best.

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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