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    (NB: In case you haven’t been graced with my not-so-eloquent tweets of late, you can follow me on Twitter here)

    Welcome, Tweeters! You may recognise me as ‘that girl who Tweeted that thing about flat tummy tea’‘that one self-deprecating e-girl’ or, in a more niche sort-of sense; ‘that one girl who needs to grow up for wanting to meet her targets.’ (A middle-aged lady tried to start beef with me) (don’t ask). I mean, none of those descriptions are entirely inaccurate. Well, except the one about needing to grow up. Well, not really.

    Anyway, I asked, and you guys delivered! I’m ready to spill the tea. This is going to be an uncensored, unfiltered, uncut insight into the gal behind the blog. Enjoy!


    Okay, so Matt and I don’t exactly have a meet-cute story suitable for dinner parties and family gatherings. We met on Tinder. It came at a time where I was done with dating apps, men, dick pics and casual hook-ups. He dropped me a message, and I initially ignored it… He later told me that he was going to unmatch, but something possessed him to send a second message. Could it have been fate? Desperation…?

    Whatever it was, it clearly worked! We went on a few dates before becoming official, and the rest is history!


    This one is so tricky (thanks, Andy!), because I don’t think I could define 2018 with a single moment. I’ve made plenty of lovely memories; holidaying for the first time with Matt, drinking pink gin by the beaches of Tarragona, making new friendships, beginning my blog, partying until the early hours… If I had to choose one moment to relive again, however, it would be curled up with Matt on Brighton beach at midnight, while I’m Not in Love by 10cc is piped through the background via one of the beachside bars. Perfection.


    Two words. Cycle shorts. Okay, so it looks casual-cute when you’re a size-6 with a designer vagina. Absolutely, and if that’s you; continue to sport (no pun intended) those strips of lycra until you’re sweaty-sick of seeing them. Do you. I, however, am I size 14. I have muffin tops. I also, unfortunately, possess a less-than sophisticated camel toe when forced into garments of that kind. You know the process of stuffing sausage-meat into an offal casing? Yeah.


    I think, the way in which I handle drama that surrounds me is always my biggest downfall. I’m a sensitive gal, and things affect me badly; particularly when I don’t see that thing as fair. I handled a friendship breakdown incredibly badly, earlier this year. I lashed out while I was hurting, instead of moving swiftly on. Although I’m no longer on speaking terms with this person, I’ve now forgiven them for the way they treated me, and have made peace with the situation, and with myself.

    On a lighter note, you can find my fave blog post here. I’ve got to know Lav over the past month of being on Twitter, and she’s just the most talented, kindly, friendly soul I’ve ever had the pleasure of both speaking to and reading. Make sure you check her out!


    Gimme a seamless, flawless, medium-weight foundation any. Day. Of. The. Week. This girl needs to hide her acne. Make sure you recommend your fave foundations in the comments!


    I’ve got a few irons in the fire regarding Je Ne Sais Quoi… but you’ll have to wait and see! I’m buzzing to see how my blog develops next year! I’m also taking part in a fundraiser for Mind next month, which I’ll explain further in tomorrow’s blog post!


    Stop wearing booty shorts in winter. No matter how fit you think you look. And fuck what boys at school say about your acne. They all grew up to have receding hairlines anyway.

    I wholeheartedly believe pineapple belongs on pizza, it’s a refreshing afterthought to all the ham, cheese and dough you just consumed! Grapes belong in a waldorf salad, kale belongs in a fruit smoothie, and pineapple belongs on pizza. Damn it.

    Fave song of all-time? Echoes by Pink Floyd. Party trick…? Eating five plates from the buffet in under fifteen minutes. Thank u, next.


    I mean, 48 weeks of the year I have a strategy. Christmas has been very all-over-the-place, but I’m hoping to get back to my scheduled 3-posts-a-week schtick in the new year.

    I focus about eighty-five per-cent of my energy on Twitter nowadays. Instagram engagement is practically non-existent; and if you really want a nosy into my stats? Over two-hundred of my visitors have stemmed from Twitter, compared to a meagre sixteen from Instagram. As Troy Bolton and the cast of High School Musical 3 once said;

    Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen visitors left until complete career suicide.

    Fave achievement by far this year was acing my first public presentation since I was fourteen. I have anxiety, public speaking is not my forte. Especially when talking about something I’m not one-hundred-and-ten per-cent confident about. So, essentially, my entire linguistics degree. But, I gave a presentation on animal communication back in May. And I got my first… First. Chuffed!


    I’m a big dress wearer! I always get called out for putting effort into the way I look at uni! My go-to every day outfit is a casual black dress, sheer black tights, a teddy coat and a check scarf! Although, I’m also prone to a lingerie-and-jeans outfit too! Not for uni, though. That’d be a bit overambitious.

    I love blogging! Every time I look at my website, I feel in awe that this is my little piece of internet! This is my work! I’ve done a bit of journalistic work for other publications in the past, and although seeing your published work on someone else’s website is an insane feeling; there’s nothing like seeing your own work on your own website. The blogging community is amazing too! I have so much love for every single blogger out there.

    So, that’s that for this Q&A! Thank you for sending in your questions, until next time! Xx



    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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    1. December 29, 2018 / 6:18 pm

      You literally kill me every time. First of all, such a fricking honour to be your fave blog post. You’re good for the ego. And also that description was so sweet and i love you. My favourite thing is your advice to your 14 year old self.

      “Stop wearing booty shorts in winter. No matter how fit you think you look. And fuck what boys at school say about your acne. They all grew up to have receding hairlines anyway.”


      • December 29, 2018 / 6:32 pm

        I. LOVE. YOUUU. Thank you for the lovely feedback as always, you deserve every bit of praise you get!

    2. December 29, 2018 / 8:03 pm

      I completely agree with the cycling shorts haha! My best friend is a size 4-6 and they look amazing on her. But as a size 12-14, they do not look good on me at all! Just not a good trend at all. Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked mine out if you have the time too xx

      • December 29, 2018 / 8:07 pm

        Thank you! And hahaha yeah, I really hope cycle shorts die out in 2019! I’ve given you a follow & I’ve liked and commented on your recent! Xx

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