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    Whenever I get bored of my current wardrobe (approximately a week after purchase), I like to peruse lookbooks on YouTube. I’ve always done it. It’s like, fifty-per-cent out of jealousy that brands don’t sponsor me to wear their stuff, and fifty-per-cent out of sheer awe of the beautiful, confident women who make these lookbooks. I want to be them. I never will.

    The faves I’ll be writing about today, though, have actually given me some confidence. I feel like I’ve almost been doing things right, this season. I mean, okay, there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in fashion. But, I’ve always had issues with things like; dressing for my body type, complimentary colours, uncomplimentary colours, and so on…

    With all that said, here are my three favourite holiday 2018 lookbooks:

    Valeria Lipovetsky

    Valeria demonstrates that neutrals are back in a big way. Gone are the days of the early-mid ’00s when a chunky orange mohair sweater was the height of street style… we love modest colours now. We also love them blocked, I noticed; Valeria’s first outfit was right up my street, TBH. A simple white blouse paired with some high-waisted black trousers, complimented with a pair of red-bottoms (cc: Christian Louboutin, don’t mind if I do x) and a statement chunky earring. Well, a pair of them, if we’re going to get nitpicky.


    INSTAGRAM: @valerialipovetsky

    Her other outfits just scream ‘never underestimate the power of the sequin’. Outside of the goin’ out-out context, I wouldn’t usually agree. But, ’tis the season in which we burden our bushes (leave it) with sparkly paper and brand it ‘festive’. Forget out-out, sparkles are in-in, this December. Now, I’m not necessarily saying we have to go out in a blinding evening gown every day this month. At least, Valeria doesn’t seem to think so. But, we can afford to change things up a bit. A big, statement belt, a pair of sterling silver earrings… even a sparkly skirt with a nice, neutral top wouldn’t be pushing the boat out too far. C’mon guys, it’s Christmas!

    Miss Alex

    You’ll be seeing the word neutrals a lot in this blog, soz. But, neutrals! We’re talking whites, beiges, browns, blacks, creams… We’re also talking jeans-and-a-nice-top. Thing is, I’ve never been a jeans-and-a-nice-top gal when it comes to going out-out. I’ve always gone all-out (I’ve gone all-out-out-out. Are you as lost as I am right now?); blazer dresses, sequin dresses, lace, mesh… everything but the kitchen sink. But this first look has almost converted me. The white, long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder crop paired with some light jeans looks insane. Modest enough to get away with at family functions, yet a bit too flirty for work dos’. That’s essentially my adult style to a tee.


    INSTAGRAM: @missalexandraax

    We have, of course, got a bit of shiny in there too. We have a sparkly-silver bodycon, perfect for end of first-semester celebrations; it’s out-there, it’s immodest, it’s a little bit of me. Alex sports a gorgeous floral maxi dress in there, too. It’s the polar opposite of the bodycon; it’s modest, subdued and a little bit Stevie Nicks. Finally, footwear. My favourite type of footwear this season has to be the knee-high boots. I own a pair myself; I can barely walk in them, mind you. But, beauty is pain. They’re sexy, classy, they go with anything. I team mine up with a sweater dress, usually; but Alex has gone for a simple brown pinafore. Perfect for family functions!

    Fashion Mumblr

    Josie gives me serious wanderlust in this lookbook. As if I haven’t been to London ten-billion times already, but it’s never looked that pretty… Anyway, I digress. Power to the waterfall coat, I say. Whether it’s white, leopard-print… Whatever you so choose to wear, it’s always comfy and on-trend. Josie’s another advocate of statement jewelry, by the way. Her rose-gold Pandora rings and chunky pearl earrings add that little bit of sparkle to an otherwise neutral (yep) look.


    INSTAGRAM: @josieldn

    My personal fave look in this book was the cream blouse and leopard-print waterfall coat. It doesn’t look like she’s overplanned it, y’know? It looks glam-yet effortless, casual-yet-formal. The bootcut jeans definitely help with the casuality (yes, it’s a word. I just coined it) of it all, yet the blouse suggests job interview chic. Team it with the coat, and you’ve got yourself a date-night outfit!

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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