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    This morning I received an unexpected little Christmas pressie…

    The guys over at Glamour UK had sent me a sample of Gabrielle, a fragrance by Chanel. TBH, I was entirely stuck for ideas Blogmas-wise, but this little gift has dragged me kicking and screaming out of my writer’s block (for today, at least).

    I thought I’d do a mini-review for you guys, particularly as it’s ‘Tis the Season, Goodwill to all Men et al; and you may be racking your brains over what to buy for your mum/sister/girlfriend/nan this December.

    The packaging, as you’d expect from a sample (duh), was very petite. But, I was pretty impressed! There were a few little cue-cardy-type-things with quotes by Coco herself on there, and compared to other samples I’ve received in the past, it looked like they actually gave the packaging some thought. If the sample is anything to go by, I’m sure the full-sized version must be a bazillion times better…

    As I sprayed the product onto my skin, I actually found it incredibly difficult to come up with many adjectives to describe it (sorry, that sounds like a bit of a backhanded compliment, I can assure you I didn’t mean it like that). I won’t lie to you. It smells like rich people, something I’m not necessarily accustomed to!

    However, I managed to come up with one; spicy. It smelt spicy. Not in a Rogan Josh/Tobasco sauce kind of way, but in a mulled wine/room incense kind of way. It has a definite kick to it, and it wasn’t at all sweet.

    It’s the kind of smell that reminds me a bit of Selfridges at Christmas time. It’s inviting, seductive, and a few echelons above the rest of us.

    I’ll stop personifying a perfume now, but… y’know what I mean. Honestly, I think Gabrielle by Chanel would make the ideal main present for any scent-loving woman this year.

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
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