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  • Bad Baker Attempts: Festive Nutella Truffles

    *Find the original recipe by the wonderful Kerry Cooks here*

    As I was coming up with an idea of what to blog about today at one in the morning, I figured I might like to do some baking. I consider myself to be a bit of a foodie, TBH. Well, I love to eat food, I love to try new food… my cooking abilities, however, are next to none.

    I can make pasta dishes, noodle dishes, rice dishes – general studenty dishes – reasonably well, but baking…?

    My baking skills can essentially be summed up with a quote from Peep Show, the one where Mark tells Jeremy not to experimentally ‘make a pie out of tea’, or something like that. Basically, I’m a crackpot experimentalist when it comes to the kitchen.


    With that in mind, a new series of blog posts was born! Took me ages to think up a title, though. I wanted a sarcastic play on Fabulous Baker Boys – but I’m not fabulous, there’s only one of me, and I identify as a woman.

    So, Bad Baker Attempts it is.

    It’s eleven in the morning. I’m scrolling through Pinterest; looking at, ahem, ‘easy’ bakes, and I come across a recipe for hazelnut truffles…

    So simple, apparently, that a child could do it.

    …Sounds like a challenge to me.


    I got my ingredients ready – not to the smoothest of starts, mind you. Had to make several substitutions. Namely, we didn’t have any double cream in, so I used crème fraiche instead.

    Always start as you mean to go on.

    The putting-together process actually went without a hitch. Naturally, we didn’t have any chocolate bars in – so I used up a good three rows of advent chocolate and some Cadbury’s hot chocolate mix. Fake smiles!!

    Then, I left it to cool. For an hour longer than recommended. Tried to mould the mixture into spheres. Didn’t happen! So, I put them back in the fridge for another forty-five minutes.

    Took them out again. Tried to mould them again. They were still way too sticky, but I was still able to mould them into something that represented (??) a spherical shape. Chucked some more hot chocolate dust on top for garnish…

    Et voila!

    So, to clarify; this is what they were supposed to look like:

    Beautiful, bite-sized little truffles; carefully decorated and a pleasure to the tastebuds 💖

    …And this was my attempt:

    Horrifying, melty balls of goo; a fly flew close to it, and even they weren’t interested.

    Yeah. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m less skilled than a child. 

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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    1. December 6, 2018 / 12:54 am

      😅 😅 But it was still yummy though, right? 😅

      • December 6, 2018 / 9:44 am

        😂😂 I mean, it was VERY rich – it tasted a lot like chocolate mousse! I liked it, but I don’t think I’ll attempt them again!

    2. December 6, 2018 / 8:10 pm

      Aww they look… okay! You can’t really go wrong with a recipe like that because even if it goes horrible wrong you still have something edible and chocolate tasting!

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