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  • 50 Facts About Me!

    I feel like I should’ve made this my first blog. In fact, I had a whole weekend of blog posts planned out. Uni work, however, got the better of me 🙁

    So, I’m taking the lazy way out! Here are 50 facts about me you may not have already known.

    (DISCLAIMER: This is going to be a very boring post if you did.)

    1. My full name is Hannah Grace Van-de-Peer

    2. I was born on the 3rd July 1998

    3. My star sign is Cancer

    4. I was born in a town called Enfield in North London

    5. But moved to Cambridge when I was nine!

    6. I have one sister called Izzy

    7. I was almost named Juliette. Yikes.

    8. I finished school with four GCSEs. Double yikes!

    9. I have three A-Levels in English Language, English Literature and Media Studies

    10. Contrary to what my surname suggests, neither my family or myself are Dutch!

    11. I am currently studying for an Undergraduate Degree in English Language and Linguistics.

    12. I didn’t get my first serious boyfriend until I was nineteen!

    13. I met my boyfriend on Tinder.

    14. I own a cat called Milo. We got him as a kitten when I was fifteen and I love him to bits!

    15. My music taste is sooo eclectic, my fave songs include Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean, Like a Prayer by Madonna, Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey and Lovin’ You by Minnie Riperton.

    16. I suffer from acne and have done since I was nine!

    17. I’m a huge lover of makeup. I’m no expert by any means, but I first got into it when I was twelve, using dream matte mousse and an unnamed brand mascara. I saved the shimmer powder for special occasions!

    18. My all-time fave book is Bridget Jones’ Diary. I wish I could say something more academic, given that I studied literature for four years!

    19. I have illegally massive crushes on Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

    20. I suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia.

    21. I practice mindfulness every night to help me cope with this.

    22. Although shy, I’m an open book and will talk about anything!

    23. My fave films are Mamma Mia!, The Shining and Fargo.

    24. I first started freelance writing at the age of nineteen. I wrote for teen publication Affinity!

    25. I first realised I had a passion for writing during my A-Levels. One of my subjects had a creative writing topic and I aced the coursework!

    26. I can quote entire episodes of The Simpsons by heart! My fave episodes are Homer’s Enemy and Marge vs. The Monorail

    27. If I could have dinner with three dead celebrities; I’d have dinner with Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie and Amy Winehouse.

    28. I love British comedy, my all-time fave comedian is Greg Davies!

    29. My Netflix picks are Bojack HorsemanDoctor Who and American Horror Story!

    30. My fave place to shop for clothes is Missguided.

    31. My guilty pleasures include Eating ASMR, ’70s music and spending £££s in Primark!

    32. I love gaming with my boyfriend. We’re both horrendously competitive and our relationship has been threatened multiple times by Rocket League.

    33. On a non-sexual level, I’m obsessed with Louis Theroux. I live for his documentaries!

    34. I can spend whole days looking at Twitter spam on Instagram. Weird!

    35. My fave beauty YouTubers are Jordan Lipscombe, Shaaanxo and Patricia Bright!

    36. The best British comedies are Man Down, Gavin and StacyBad Education and Psychoville!

    37. My biggest makeup loss to date was the Fenty Beauty Pro-Filtr foundation my bf got me for my birthday! I took it to Tarragona with me on holiday and my sister smashed it.

    38. I love love LOVE Chinese food!

    39. My dream holiday destination is Bali, Indonesia.

    40. I have a terrible fear of flying. I cried on the way to Spain this year!

    41. Speaking of crying, I bawled my eyes out on the Star Wars ride at Disneyland Paris… I was thirteen!

    42. I’m just below average height, at five-foot-four.

    43. I have two drinks of choice: Vodka and Lemonade, and Malibu and Coke.

    44. I used to despise clubbing… before I started drinking!

    45. My Morphe 35o palette is currently my most treasured makeup posession!

    46. Mario Badescu and Dermalogica are my fave skincare brands!

    47. I can count to ten in five languages; French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Dutch.

    48. I used to be a HUGE Beyoncé fan, and would still give anything to see her live!

    49. I’d love to write for Vogue one day. Ultimate career goals!

    50. I love blogging!




    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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