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  • FIVE Ladies I’m LOVING Atm!

    I feel like social media influencers aren’t talked about enough.

    I mean they are, but have you ever noticed it’s always the same handful of people every single time (specifically with names that rhyme with Riley Henna, Blames Karls & Stephree Jarr) (not that there’s anything wrong with any of those) (I love them all)

    We all love watching those unachievably perfect MUAs generously grant us lowly subjects a tutorial or two; in the hopes that we might, if we’re lucky, one day look half as chiselled as them.

    But what about influencers who’re basically just us but with more PR? Especially in today’s culture of big-name retailers (Maitch-and-Mem, anybody?) radically downsizing their clothes and cosmetic companies charging us ridiculous amounts for a single lipstick. We, especially girls, need these influencers more than ever!

    So I’ve compiled a list of my five fave female (lifestyle, beauty & food) influencers for you guys to check out 🙂

    Veronica Wang


    Veronica Wang is one of the most popular influencers in the art of Mukbang; an eating show which originated in Korea. With almost a million subscribers on YouTube, Veronica and her fans (Chicken WANGS) simultaneously share their passion for food and friends. Beautiful both inside and out, Veronica ensures each video starts off with a ‘big hug’ and a lighthearted atmosphere. I regularly watch her Mukbangs while I’m getting ready in the mornings in order to kickstart my day! She’s an absolute joy to watch and her recipes have inspired many an otherwise-boring mid-week lunch. Be sure to check her out!


    Anastasia Kingsnorth


    wish I had an Anastasia Kingsnorth video to turn to when I was seventeen. I definitely wouldn’t have had as many questionable makeup and fashion choices! I’m a relatively new viewer, actually. I love how versatile Anastasia’s videos are! From fashion hauls to food fails and beyond; she’s hilarious, clumsily relatable and always fun. The most relatable thing about her videos, however is that they truly aren’t a far cry from the every day life of most British teenage girls. Daily ventures to Tesco, B&M and McDonald’s and clothes bought from PLT and Boohoo… that’s a little bit of me right there! Also, cute little brother is always a bonus <3




    Ugh, legend. She’s just gorgeous, isn’t she? More of an Instagram influencer than a YouTuber, but still with a respectable following on both; BoujieBarb is one hell of an MUA. She also earns extra points for being genuinely lovely, as well. She’s plus-sized positive, and always preaches self-love to her followers. I can only dream to be as talented at makeup as her, one day.


    Patricia Bright


    I LOVE PATRICIA! Her personality just bursts at the seams with positivity, light and radiance. Her no-holds-barred approach to first impressions, GRWMs and clothing videos has me crying with laughter. Her videos just feel so honest, particularly her clothing hauls. If she loves something, she’ll make it clear. If she hates something… she’ll make it explicitly known to the entire world (see: ‘it stinks!’ ‘it’s giving me nipples/fanny to the wind/trumpets’). She’s just so genuinely likeable, almost like catching up with your best friend. I can only ever trust a product now if it’s Patricia Bright-certified, and being the face of Bobbi Brown with a book and a cosmetics line at MAC out, the world can only agree.


    Lucy Wood


    I literally discovered Lucy last week, having finally caved into watching Average Girl Tries Pretty Little Thing after seeing it in my recommendations for a month (!) Let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed! Lucy seems lovely, and her sarky take on popular brands (Kylie Cosmetics, PLT, H&M) is right up my street. Being a size fourteen myself, it’s so nice to be able to watch a clothing haul and not despair at how good the clothes would look if I were three sizes smaller. It’s almost as if… I can look sexy… being a ‘middling’ size…? This is a concept I’m not entirely used to yet, but the fact that Lucy understands the exact pain of standing in a New Look changing room in a pair of size- ahem- ‘fourteen’ culottes that make you look eight-months pregnant is just the best. Like Veronica – she’s beautiful inside and out, and I have such a platonic crush on her! Definitely going to be watching more and more as I trudge through the rest of my twenties.



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