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  • Coconut Oil Cosmetics: Win ✅ or Bin ❌ ?

    One of the fun elements of writing this blog is that I get to try up-and-coming brands and share my thoughts with you guys. Which is why I was super excited to receive a sample package from Peterborough-based skincare brand Coconut Oil Cosmetics.

    From an ethical point of view, I couldn’t review a brand that wasn’t 100% cruelty-free, but one of the unique selling points of Coconut Oil Cosmetics is that they’re 100% organic and certified vegan-friendly! They’ve got something for everyone in their back catalogue including (but not limited to);

    – Lip Scrub & Balm

    – Hair Repair Oil

    – Aftershave Oil

    – Tanning Lotion

    – Nipple Balm

    – Baby & Mummy Gift Set

    Also (and this is the exciting bit!) their products are 100% edible. I couldn’t wait to put this to the test after I received their samples.

    So, what did I receive?

    I received the aforementioned Lip Scrub & Balm set, currently retailing at £12.50.

    What do they actually do?

    According to the creators themselves, the 100% organic lip scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and plumps your lips to perfection… then, apply a thin layer of original lip balm so your lips stay lush throughout the day.

    What did I think of the scrub?

    Upon opening the lip scrub, I was greeted with the welcoming smell of Chai Tea, and being the latte expert I am; knew it had to contain cinnamon. It applied very smoothly onto the lips – it does stain a tad so I wouldn’t advise applying it without balm on top – but the cinnamon made my lips beautifully tingly-fresh, and that’s when I knew it was working.

    Thoughts on the balm?

    The lip balm definitely wasn’t as potent, but still had a pleasant buttery-cinnamon tinge to it. Again, it applied luxuriously smoothly on the lips and I was quite surprised at just how hydrating it was. Being not only a lover of matte liquid lipstick, but also a lover of picking the dead skin off my lips (YIKES!) it felt like a healing, hydrating hug.

    Was it really edible?

    Yes, in a way. No one buys cosmetics to chew on (except you reading this, ya weirdo) but often when I lick my lips with lip balm on, I’m met with a horrific aftertaste. The taste is a lot more subtle, in my opinion.

    So… Win or Bin?

    Definitely a win from me, I’ve incorporated my new lippies into my daily routine, and I can’t see myself going back! Chuck away your Carmex, it’ll be all about Coconut Oil Cosmetics in 2019.

    Shop Coconut Oil Cosmetics here.

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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