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  • My Trip to Spain

    I’m officially back!

    I’ve never known two weeks to go so quickly, my sister and I both observed that we couldn’t really remember doing anything throughout the holiday. I personally put this down to too many Piña Coladas, but it’s obviously a different story altogether when you’re fourteen…

    I managed to get a whole load of photos, BTW! Some of which were pretty good quality;

    Others weren’t so fab…

    There were no-makeup selfies…

    Makeup selfies…

    And a whole load of sweaty selfies 😅…

    So I stayed in Tarragona for two weeks, with the occasional trip to Barcelona city. Tarragona itself is a very quaint, very rustic, very beautiful town in the middle of nowhere. Haunted by antique shops, cathedrals and Tapas restaurants with the occasional Burger King or Sushi Bar scattered around to modern it up, its safe to say Tarragona categorically isn’t the place for the frugal diner.

    Yes, it is expensive. Even Burger King. We went out thrice for dinner in the entire fourteen days we spent there; each to the same place. Wok Tarraco. An all-you-can-eat-for-fifteen-Euros Tapas & ‘Chinese Food’ restaurant we found on the harbour. The food of which I’d compare to Nines, a world-foods all-you-can-eat in Cambridge city centre. Nowhere near as expensive as Nines, thankfully. But basically, if the food wasn’t fried, battered or covered in gravy; it was expired, snails or served with chips. Not a brilliant start.

    So, what about the beaches? Gorgeous. Crystal waters Christened the the serene sandy shore etc etc.

    Our beach was a simple five-minute jaunt from our apartment, and about a ten-minute walk away from the nearest cafe/cocktail bar.

    Everything was right on our doorstep which was thankfully convenient judging by the amount of hills there were (!) As you probably know, I’m not an avid hiker. Our train station was about fifteen minutes away, and it was there that we caught the train to Barcelona.

    The outbound Tarragona train took about an hour and a half to get to Barcelona, and fifty minutes back. Ask me if I’d recommend Barcelona as a daytrip, and I’d give you this exact answer:

    It’s a great city. We definitely went at the wrong time of year, though. Between the masses and masses of tourists, forty-degree heat and constant vigilance for pickpockets (and trust me, there were lots of them), I didn’t get a lot of time to take much in about the city.

    Oh yes, actually I managed to process one thing…


    Like, twelve Euros for a KFC expensive.

    The underdog highlight of Barcelona had to be witnessing the Sagrada Familla in all it’s glory. Honestly, I don’t come from a particularly Christian family, and was never bought up in a Christian household. But the cathedral was breathtakingly beautiful. Not just in an architectural or religious sense, but how they’ve managed to put thought into every single tiny detail.

    The stained-glass windows, for instance:

    None of this is edited.

    None of this is filtered.

    On one side of the Cathedral, we had this. The warm-coloured stained glass windows to correlate with the sun rises in order to cast autumnal colours throughout the gargantuan room. This symbolises birth. And the cooler toned colours on the opposite side of the room; blues, greens, browns. When the sun sets at the end of the day, these colours are cast through the room instead, symbolising death.

    Not just the life cycle of Jesus, but of us. Of the day.

    Clever, innit?

    I digress.

    To summarise, I loved Tarragona. Barcelona? Maybe I’d love it more in the winter. I think your mosquitoes need to calm down, though. And your storms.

    And your men.

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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