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  • I Desperately Need to Start Dressing My Age.

    Sex ed, parents, friends, guardians, trusted teachers, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners…

    What do each of these have in common?

    If you answered; “they only ever teach you about first puberty and after that they leave you to cope on your own”, you’d be right.

    I know it sounds silly, but it’s well documented that we actually go through two rounds of puberty in our lives. Who needs scientific proof, I’m living it right now.

    To explain, we have our first shot at puberty (roughly) between the ages of eleven-sixteen. From a woman’s perspective, this is when we start getting acne, periods, breasts, pubic hair, sexually aware, and so on… it’s a rough ride for most, but everything started to settle down for me by the age of sixteen. I felt as if I could breathe again after five gruelling years. Bliss.

    UNTIL I HIT THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN aaaand everything started up again. Adult acne, Thrush, a hungrier sex drive, hunger in general (seriously, I can’t stop eating), a deep, burning desire to look my age…

    This is, in Layman’s terms, what we call second puberty.

    During second puberty, I came to the realisation that I’m always going to look at least five years younger than my actual age. Why, I hear you ask?

    I’m five-foot-four with a size-A chest and a chubby baby face.

    It’s probably not going to irk me in thirty years’ time as much as it does now, but the fact is I’m twenty years old. I’ve got a five-year plan, I’m an Undergraduate, I’m in a committed relationship, I make my own doctors appointments.

    I’m mature, right? So why, in that case, was I doomed to look like a baby Pop ‘n’ Fresh?

    It’s too late in the summer now (and I’m too broke) to change up my style, but Autumn will definitely be the rebirth.

    I will look my age by October. I will no longer be ID’d in clubs, pubs or even the cinema. Bookmark it.

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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