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  • Why I REFUSE to Do My Eyebrows…

    The sentence I’m about to say might just be the weirdest string of words I’ve ever said. In my life. My eyebrows don’t fit societal norms. Weird, but somehow whenever I post a selfie on Instagram, it feels like the ginormous, brown, hairy elephant in the room.

    DGMW, if I’d been blessed naturally with perfectly-shaped eyebrows; I wouldn’t complain. But I wasn’t, and I don’t particularly care that I wasn’t. My eyebrows are misshapen, sparse of hair in one end and thickly textured in the other. They’re too low, they don’t frame my face properly. Whatever.

    The take home message is, I’m never gonna have Kylie Jenner-esque fleeky brows. And I’m okay with that! I love makeup, I love trying ludicrous makeup hacks, and I’m always looking to enhance my appearance. But, I’m also a strong believer of women looking how they want and still being beautiful! I can be beautiful with untidy brows, even though every publication in the world suggests otherwise.

    So I want to reach out to those with bushy eyebrows, monobrows, misshapen brows, un-plucked and hairy brows. Any brows that don’t fit into the tiny little box we call “normal”. Post a pic of yourself with your messy brows on Instagram, hashtag it #mymessybrows, tag myself at @topreenornottopreen, and I’ll feature you on my next blog post!

    Ready… set… go!

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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