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  • My Frizzy Hair Routine

    I’m a frizzy frizzball. All throughout school I was referred to as The Girl with the Frizzy Hair (frankly I got off lightly) for which I owe my part-Irish part-Sephardim ancestry. Apparently. My younger sister was blessed with pin-straight mousey-brown locks, but that’s by-the-by…

    Over the years, I’ve grown to adore my natural style. DGMW, my hair texture is not recommended for those mornings in which you barely have time to brush your teeth, and waking up at six-AM looking like the Cowardly Lion isn’t my fave way to start the day. However, with enough tender-loving-care, transforming your straw strings of yarn to silky-soft ringlets is absolutely doable!


    NB: This is an overnight routine. I usually leave it two or three days between washes.

    STEP ONE: I wash. Obviously. How gross d’you think I am?

    STEP TWO: Okay, maybe it’s more complex than that. I used to make the horrific mistake of washing my hair in satan-style temperatures. Thing is, it actually causes more flyaways and a puffier outlook! So, I wash my hair at a lukewarm temperature, my products of choice being this argan oil shampoo from OGX  and John Freida’s FrizzEase Conditioner.  Shampoo twice and apply conditioner liberally from the ends of your hair to the middle.

    STEP THREE: Just before I step out, I give my hair a quick rinse with ice-cold water. That’s character building, that is.

    STEP FOUR: I use a micro-fibre towel and gently rub my hair until it’s fairly dry. It’s essential not to use a normal towel due to the roughness, which can cause flyaways and puffiness! Don’t want to fork out for a new towel? Use an old cotton t-shirt or jumper.

    STEP FIVE: I comb the tangles out with a wide-tooth comb before spritzing with this FrizzEase Leave-In Conditioner 

    STEP SIX: I blow-dry my hair using a diffuser. I turn it up to max strength, but I leave the temperature at cold. I’m not keen on using it on my hair until it’s bone-dry, though. It can leave it feeling a bit crusty. So, I use this Kukui Oil while drying.

    STEP SEVEN: Finally, I leave my hair in a plait overnight to get that ringlety look. Because we’ve already combed it through, there’s no need to brush it the next day! Voila!

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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