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  • LIFE UPDATE: Losing Weight, PCOS and More…

    This is an honest, no-holds-barred, taboo-less blog. After thinking long and hard about it, I realised if I’m going to be honest about everything, I should start with myself.

    Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m twenty, I’m a uni student from Cambridge, and I’m overweight.

    This is something I’m still trying to process in my head, having found out literally two days ago how much I need to lose exactly. I’m going to start off by saying it was an incredibly fast process. The nurse said I’d gained four kilos in six months, which was absolutely gobsmacking. Probably over double that since September. It’s gutting, really, because I’ve always had an incredibly trim figure thanks to my high metabolism. But I have so many questions. Why now? How have I suddenly gained all this weight? And why didn’t the nurse seem worried about it…?

    I may have forgotten to mention one tiny thing… I haven’t had a period since February!

    Next week I’m having bloods to find out exactly what’s going on in there, but essentially my nurse suspects a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

    So, that was just a quick life update for you. Writing has always been a form of therapy for me, and I’ve decided to document my weight loss journey/adventures to the GP. I reckon this could do three very helpful things:

    1. It’ll help me to motivate myself
    2. It could help others with PCOS, or people struggling to lose weight
    3. It’ll help me make sense of it all

    And 4. It’ll give me plenty of writing material for when I’m too lazy to think of anything.

    So here’s to the future, firm fat friends. Wish me luck.

    Han x

    Hannah Van-de-Peer
    Hannah Van-de-Peer

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