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  • REVIEW: Amazon’s Answer to Aunty K?

    It’s almost as if this brand was created solely for the purpose of existing as a Kylie liquid lipstick dupe!

    It’s official. I’m into reviewing now. To tell you the truth, I was debating whether to review anything at all bearing in mind I don’t really buy in bulk á la Shaaanxo or Patricia Bright (or any other beauty guru for that matter!). Then I remembered a set of liquid lipsticks I bought last week, provoking an off-the-cuff instagram review and I thought eh, why not review it for real this time.

    I’ve never been a particularly big fan of unbranded/little-known branded makeup. From my humble beginnings as a year-seven, packing on the rouge I got in a toy makeup set for Christmas, to a slightly older version of me buying £1.99 foundation and wondering why it wasn’t covering anything but my care-free attitude to being “pretty”. Twenty-year-old me now sees buying anything unbranded as a sort-of daring, spend-savvy, experimental process worthy of only the utmost praise.

    In short, I’m skint.

    Which brings me to the beginning of last week. I did a humongous Amazon makeup haul courtesy of my student overdraft (all hail the British banking bonanza!) and a cute little liquid lipstick set caught my eye. At a very reasonable £6.99, I was impressed by… well… how many shades of Mauve could be squeezed into five different bottles. Luckily however, I’ve always had a penchant for a Mauve lip. But something looked familiar…Something about it rung a bell for me. Well, several bells. Actually, a whole bell tower full of bells and bellend Bellas singing Jingle Bells at one-thousand decibels. And I realised why once the delivery came through…

    (Delivery was completely stress-free, by the way. I ordered one-day delivery and it arrived sure as sugar the next day).

    First, let’s talk packaging. As soon as I saw the packaging; as soon as I saw the lil paint-drip accent at the front, it suddenly became clear to me. I was getting Kylie vibes. Ridiculous Kylie vibes. The packaging itself was gorgeous in a somewhat gaudy, tacky way. It was very Kylie. I felt a bit dirty if I’m honest.

    (NB: after doing extensive research courtesy of Google images, I found that the packaging is almost a complete rip of the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection. Scandalous!)

    Once I opened it up, I was greeted with five little liquid lipsticks lounging in a row. Little is kinda the operative word here… they’re definitely fun-sized. I own a few NYX lip lingerie liquid lipsticks which have to be almost double the size of these little numbers, and to be honest that was basically the size I was expecting from The Makeup Professional. However, at £6.99 a go it was difficult to be too disappointed. Oh, and a further Kylie Komparison Koming up… the names. They’re almost complete knock-offs of the Kylie brand. I felt dirty!! Aren’t there copyright laws to stop this kind of thing from happening? It felt like an Ali Express/Jeffree Star situ (‘Celebrity Skin’ vs. ‘Famous Person’s Outer Shell’).

    It’s almost as if this brand was created solely for the purpose of existing as a Kylie liquid lipstick dupe!

    Not gonna lie, I was enthusiastic about the colours. But, that’s an individual thing I think. If I wasn’t so crazy about Mauve, I’d probably be a lot harsher in this department. The range wasn’t good, basically. They’re all very warm-toned too. The darkest colour, Leo, dries as a dark purple, while the lightest colour, Exposed, applies as a porcelain-nude colour, yet dries almost orange. Neither of them are my faves, I have to say.

    A lot of little things put me off as well…the smell, for instance. As a comparison point, NYX liquid lipsticks have a beautiful coffee-tinged smell to them, and from a high-end perspective; Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks have that kinda soapy, lipsticky-generic smell. These lipsticks have a straight-up smell of a wet towel being left to dry on a radiator. It’s chemicaly, it’s nasty, it’s unpleasant. The last thing I’d like to point out is the drying. Not only do they dry a different colour, the finish is very crusty… no matter how hydrated your lips are! The coverage is fairly low, it’s definitely worth applying a couple of layers before going about the rest of your day. They look pretty on, of course. But… Mauve…

    *Sigh* okay, so what did any of us really expect from an unnamed Amazon brand? I was a fool to have faith in the broke individual’s Kylie. But if you’re still here reading this, so were you. So maybe we can both take pride in that neither of us are alone here.

    I’m sorry skint students, but the Makeup Professional BEAUTY GLAZED Matte Liquid Lipstick set has to go on my Preening blacklist.




    The Makeup Professional BEAUTY GLAZED Matte Liquid Lipstick set is currently available to buy from Amazon at £6.99.

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